Slow It Down

Xris (it’s ‘Chris’ but when I’m lazy I just type ‘Xris’, and this explanation is kind of unnecessary but there it is.) and I do things really fast. We kind of pride ourselves on super speed projects. “What did you do this weekend? Mow the lawn? Well I mowed FOUR lawns and put up a light fixture and built a house, tore it down, and rebuilt it!! Now what??”

Anyway, we’re the kind of people that feel restless when we’re not doing something all the time. Movie marathon? Sure! Let’s be lazy and watch movies all day! But why don’t we go for a walk first? And I’ll just load the dishwasher.

What I’m saying is that we’re guilty of moving through life pretty quickly. We can’t complain about it because we choose to be that way. But sometimes it’s exhausting. We both work in jobs with harsh deadlines so we’re forced to always be looking forward. It’s mid-July, which means summer is practically over, and then the fall is the shortest season, so realistically it’s like Christmas.

Are you this way? Are you  guilty of just flying by without looking back, or do you take time to savor moments? That’s the thing I want to think about today. Just slowing it down, just a bit. Not coming to a complete stop, but just making sure I remember moments rather than years.

If not for the long haul, then just today. Slow it down, will you? Take an inventory on yourself.


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