Laid Out

Patio Progress

You know that patio project I keep complaining about??


Here’s a little preview of the process. There are more involved notes to come, but we’ll be spending some time grilling, drinking, fire-burning, and relaxing for a bit first. Because that’s the whole point of the project, and apparently according to Target fall is already on its way.

1…2…3…4…I don’t want to cement no more…


A Coat of Paint Can Cure Most Ills

Or, maybe not, exactly. But it’s miraculous usually. I should really start a series like “what did we paint today?” because that’s how often we solve problems by painting.

Hey, as long as they’re solved…right?

patio chairs before after

On the left we have a hand-me-down patio set that was generously given to us by my in-laws (they’ve seriously furnished our entire outdoor space, thanks!!!) and although the overall shape was nice, they needed some sprucing up.

Materials you need: a rag, water, dawn, and paint. If you’re going the extra mile, you may want to hit the cleaned chair with some sandpaper, but our chairs were in pretty decent condition once we got them cleaned up. We used Rustoleum’s Hammered Spray Paint in the black, and while the effect wasn’t exactly what I would call “hammered,” the unhammered finish was great. There’s a real depth to the color that makes them black, but also sometimes bronze-y and sparkly. I am in love with them.

The process? Once your surface is clean and dry, apply paint by spraying in short bursts, moving a consistent distance from the surface. A tip when doing chairs: paint the bottoms first, then flip the chair over to do the top. We got away with a full coat and a touch-up coat, but we were doing dark on dark. Go, explore, play, repaint!

Something Super Cool is Happening

But I’m going to keep it a surprise. I want to keep you in suspense. If this isn’t enough suspense for you, go out and watch World War Z. That movie should really be called Anxiety because that’s what I felt throughout the whole thing. But I’m just being chatty.



Here’s a preview of something cool that’s going to be happening. Was this shot in a billionaire’s resort in Turks & Caicos?? No, it’s just my kitchen, silly. But you’re so sweet to think that! (Note: I’m only this arrogant for your amusement, but I am really proud of my itty bitty kitchen.) Also, I obviously really love cutting boards.