Laid Out

Patio Progress

You know that patio project I keep complaining about??


Here’s a little preview of the process. There are more involved notes to come, but we’ll be spending some time grilling, drinking, fire-burning, and relaxing for a bit first. Because that’s the whole point of the project, and apparently according to Target fall is already on its way.

1…2…3…4…I don’t want to cement no more…


A Coat of Paint Can Cure Most Ills

Or, maybe not, exactly. But it’s miraculous usually. I should really start a series like “what did we paint today?” because that’s how often we solve problems by painting.

Hey, as long as they’re solved…right?

patio chairs before after

On the left we have a hand-me-down patio set that was generously given to us by my in-laws (they’ve seriously furnished our entire outdoor space, thanks!!!) and although the overall shape was nice, they needed some sprucing up.

Materials you need: a rag, water, dawn, and paint. If you’re going the extra mile, you may want to hit the cleaned chair with some sandpaper, but our chairs were in pretty decent condition once we got them cleaned up. We used Rustoleum’s Hammered Spray Paint in the black, and while the effect wasn’t exactly what I would call “hammered,” the unhammered finish was great. There’s a real depth to the color that makes them black, but also sometimes bronze-y and sparkly. I am in love with them.

The process? Once your surface is clean and dry, apply paint by spraying in short bursts, moving a consistent distance from the surface. A tip when doing chairs: paint the bottoms first, then flip the chair over to do the top. We got away with a full coat and a touch-up coat, but we were doing dark on dark. Go, explore, play, repaint!

Raise The Roof

Actually, don’t. Please. Because we just got that bad boy done and I don’t want it going ANYWHERE.

Oh hey! Time for our bi-annual catch up sesh. What have we been up to? Oh, well you know. Everything.

Since wrapping up the major stuff on the inside, we decided to tackle the outside once the sun came out. We’re making pretty good progress. Some major hard-scaping has been happening, like resizing/reshaping the driveway. Installing a retaining wall. Ripping out very large, very stubborn hedges (Xris with a pick-axe is something to behold), repainting shutters, repainting the front door, digging out a patio…cementing said patio. It kind of goes on and on and on and on. So when it came time to do the roof (since our old one was, um, growing things…) we kind of threw down the shovel and got someone else to do it.

That and you know, that’s kind of a big job and we kind of have never done anything like it.

So, we didn’t DIY but LOOK! The fancy before and after!

Roof Before/After

Do you see that lens flare? It’s like the heaven’s were even happy we got that sad state out from over our heads. WHEW!

Also, here you’ll see the new door/shutter situation. And my crazy uneven hedges. We have yet to tackle those. Until we get the back patio done though, I’ve hid the pick-axe.

Looking to get your roof done and wondering what to do? First, hire someone COMPETENT to do the work for you, unless you do roofs all the time, in that case, why are you even reading this?? A competent contractor will get your roof up quickly, securely, and also keep your property clean and tidy. Our contractors did the work in 2 days: one day to rebuild our chimney from the roof line, and one day to strip the old monstrosity and install. TWO DAYS. And they were out of our lives! (More like we were out of theirs, we kind of stay on contractors like clingy ex-girlfriends.)

Another reason to get a professional to do your work is because a roof isn’t something you want to slap together. They are licensed and insured. And they pulled all the necessary permits. What did we do? Go on about our daily lives, which was remarkable.

Note: If you live in the SouthCoast area and are looking for great work, definitely call Couto Construction. They were an absolute joy. (When was the last time you heard someone say that about a construction project??) Also they did NOT pay me to say this or anything, I just honestly really loved having them work for us and thought they deserved a shoutout.

Wondering what shingle we got? Our contractor had us pick from Certainteed Landmark shingles and I chose this baby:


I don’t know exactly when in my life I started referring to roofing shingles as “baby” but, it’s called “Pewterwood.” Isn’t that fancy?? These are, obviously, the architectural style shingles and they come with a 50-year warranty. Which means I will never have to worry about roofing AGAIN since I’ll be elderly once the warranty is up.

So there you have it. New roof, new outlook on life–erm–well sorta.

More outdoorsy stuff to come!