Thoughts on the Kitchen

Going to go in more depth on the kitchen (think hand-drawn plans and 3D views) but right now as we hang in this limbo I’m just trying to get my mind around the big picture for this tiny kitchen.

And I’m thinking high contrast with dark bottoms and light tops. I love how this charcoal cabinet anchors the space with it’s rich and sultry depth; but isn’t as severe as an inky black. And the white wall cabinets just keep the room feeling airy. Kind of, sort of, important in a teeny tiny wannabe galley kitchen.

Now how to figure in a backsplash and a counter. Butcher block? Formica? Greys? Whites? Darks!? WHAT!?




Basically that photo really does sum up exactly how we feel. At the end of a long road that seemingly had no end…WE’RE DANCING Y’ALL!

Um, has anybody else tried to get a mortgage nowadays? Because, yeah, it’s the most horrible thing ever.

I Don’t Like American Apparel.

It’s kind of out of the blue and kind of out of no where and kind of out of left field, here. But as the stress piles up between the right now and the CTC and the “Holy crap we need to pack, plan renovations and sell 40% of our furniture” I’m trying to distract myself with other interests.

I started scouting roof options. Then I nailed down the aesthetic I’m looking for in the kitchen. Then I ate some bagels. Then I tried looking at stuff I’d buy if we weren’t buying a house right now, and I came back to this unending battle of “Do I like American Apparel?”

The answer is no. Sorry, American Apparel and everybody who shops there. Not personal. I’m not hoping you go out of business or anything, and if AA is like your favorite store ever, that’s cool. I can understand why you like it. I have tried to like it.

I’m a creative/artsy youngish person. I LOVE leggings and knit hats, too. I like wearing stuff that people wore back in the 90’s and feeling all edgy and whatnot. I’m evening looking into getting some oversized-plastic-frame-glasses for myself (not in an ironic way, but because I’m nearsighted and that way when I go to movies in 3D, my glasses don’t only fit half the size of the 3D glasses, you know?)

But I can’t like you.  Your quality is so-so. Your prices are way to high for me. And because I’m shortish and not 90 pounds, it just looks like I’m wearing some clothes my mom was thinking of donating to Savers.

This argument is done. I figured it out. On to the next one.

Hurry Up and Wait Time

Also known as chronic stress.

Since our closing isn’t until late October, and we’ve done everything we’ve had to do, right now is the wait for the CTC for financing and then the actual closing.

As much as I am grateful for not having to deal with the stress of offer/p&s signing and meeting with mortgage lenders, I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting. I’m a “let’s get this over with” kind of person and over a month of downtime is driving me ca-razy.

In meantime, I’m dreaming of marble.

That baby to be exact. It’s more of a dream than a reality because in our teeny bungalow, especially where it’s located, it’s not a very prudent choice. But just look at it. It’s just like a white galaxy of happiness. I love it.

We are hoping, however, to score some granite for the kitchen countertops if we can get a price that matches the laminate stuff we saw over at Ikea. We’ll be doing some scouting at local places today and see what they can offer us. I’m thinking whites and grays and maybe flecks of gold, but we’ll see what the budget allows. For some reason everything I dream about ends up costing a million dollars. Shoot for the moon, right?

I’ve been playing with the 3D kitchen designer on to map out this non-existent kitchen. We’re looking to convert it into a galley of sorts with a table and possibly a bar. Realistically the bar comes first. I’m kidding. (No, I’m not.)

At the moment, the kitchen has got a half-table in it with three chairs, one strip of counter which includes the sink, and then a stove and fridge placed on the opposite wall. I’m hoping the granite won’t be a problem because of how little we actually need, and having something natural as a surface will really gussy up the baby kitchen. As appliances go, we’re more likely than not replacing the existing fridge/stove and adding a dishwasher and over-the-range microwave (or microwave/convection oven combo, if my husband really loves me đŸ˜‰ ) We’ll also be adding a small bit of additional counter space between the fridge and stove and overhead cabinets all around!

Basically if I show you the specs for the 3D Ikea kitchen you’d see of all that instead of having to picture it in your mind. But I haven’t nailed down my cabinet style so đŸ˜›

Alright, I need a giant cup of coffee and then we’re off to scout this granite. Happy vibes everybody!


A New Era

Welcome to Itty Bitty Living. This blog is a journey for two newly-ish weds moving from their 1200 square foot apartment to their 780 square foot first house!

We’re excited and nervous and rolling up our sleeves for a lot of DIY magic. Stay tuned as this blog develops!


The Best Kinda Mail

So Xris just got an unexpected package in the mail today that we’re both super excited about.

The Killers are my favorite band (I guess Xris likes them alright too) and in case you didn’t know they just came out with this album yesterday! After like 5 years! It’s kind of a big deal!

Thanks Richard for being so thoughtful, with all the stress of the house buying this really hit the spot.

Going to go drown in this album now…