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White Faux Taxidermy, The Templeton, http://www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com

White Faux Taxidermy, The Templeton, http://www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com

When I was in middle school, my class took a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston, Mass., and in the stairwell of that museum were moose, deer, and antelope heads mounted on the walls. I was so freaked out I had to hold a friend’s hand and go up the stairs with my head down.

I’m not a fan of taxidermy. I don’t know what it is. I think it could be the dead, glassy eyes, or maybe because I’m not very involved in nature and I’ve never seen animals real close up and the scale of them (I know, ridiculous) scares me. Either way, the idea of a real animal head on my wall freaks me out.

Yet somehow, in a twist of fate only the universe could supply, I’m really into these sculpted, solid color replicas of animal heads. There’s just something about them that I’m kind of obsessing over. I think it’s knowing that it’s just pretend and that I can enjoy the company of the animal without the guilt of knowing it died to be a trophy on my wall. Or that the scale isn’t the same. Or the organic, sinuous lines of the form. Whatever.

I find these busts really beautiful and interesting and I really want one to add to the gallery wall I’m trying to build in my living room. The one above is from White Faux Taxidermy, and I’m considering it, but really if I found something ceramic and cheesy at a yard sale I may just hit it with paint and call it a day.


What do you think? Chris likes the classic cow skull, which I’m not opposed to either (somehow, although it’s still dead, I’m not as freaked out by just the skeleton, plus, it’s in 221B from Sherlock (above) so points there, obviously.) but something about the painted sculpture feels a bit more feminine and modern to me. Faux, skull, or none at all? Guess we’re going to have to whip out a 3-sided die.



Looking Up (Literally.)

Oh hay. Good morning. This post is coming to you from my aching shoulders and back. Not that I’m complaining, but reader, if you decide to DIY the majority of the remodeling in your house, HIRE someone to do the ceilings because it’s torturous. Right now we’re elbow deep in applying our textured ceilings (to our increasingly high ceilings) and the work is just terrible. But that’s enough of that.

To save our sanity from the exhaustion and fumes (only a couple weeks left! only a couple weeks left!) we escaped to Target the other night and I bought some nifty things for the house for the first time ever!!! Like completely fluffy, superfluous things that are fun and not found in the ceiling paint aisle of Home Depot.

Check out this Threshold pillow I’ve had my eye on for a while, which originally retailed for $29.99

I picked this bad boy up for around $7! (Who pays $30 for a pillow??) I love the pattern and the colors, and although it’s not very cozy–it’s like a burlap-y fabric–I’m super excited to plop this down on the couch. You know, when my living room resembles a living room and not a war zone. NEXT!

During the homebuying process when I couldn’t spend a dime while I was scrutinized by the financing people, the “boutiques” at Target came out and I LOVED the homegoods from the Curiosity Shop. But I couldn’t buy them. And that led me to much sadness.

 Lo and behold! These oversized mugs were just waiting to be picked up for $3 a piece! We didn’t get the plates, although I wish they still had them left. But I’ve been dreaming about a tiny coffee station (A La Steph) where I can display these and enjoy a gargantuan cup of Joe every morning!

I know they’re not much but just these couple purchases have brought me some hope during the endless project that has been ceiling makeover. I can’t wait until we have a functioning home to place these in!

P.S. Another step in making our home functioning is flooring in the three rooms were working on right now. Although we found gorgeous hardwoods in the living room, the bedrooms have unfortunately suffered a different fate. So we’re cutting our losses and compromising with some carpeting. Tomorrow the carpet people will be measuring out the rooms and hopefully by next week I’ll have this sweet thing installed:

It’s Chatsworth from the Martha Stewart Living Collection in “nimbus cloud”. Hopefully it’ll look as nice as I think it will once it’s all installed!


Pulls, Knobs, and Ultimately Being Flexible

That title kind of sounds dirty. But anyway.

It is absolute MAAAAADNESSS over here. I feel like a refugee. Pretty much every aspect of our life is bananas crazy. But as much as I can’t keep a handle on everything that is going on, what is going on is ultimately really good and exciting so we’re just trying to step back and absorb it all. It’s seriously under a week until we can call ourselves homeowners and just totally jump into the renovation process. Eeeks!

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what needs to get done, so while we’re waiting (and packing, and doing extra work, and getting through classes, and organizing all the paperwork for the move, and still trying to cram food and sleep in there) we’re trying to organize our thoughts and plans so that once we get in, we can go straight to work. This has taught me a couple things. 1.) Everything costs a million dollars and 2.) more likely than not, what I want, I will not get. (Unless it’s this backsplash. That deal is still carrying me through the hope that I will have a pretty kitchen.)

I’ve learned to really understand the word compromise. Compromise not only between what I want and what Xris wants (which isn’t even the problem, we’re both pretty much on the same page), but more about what I want and what we can afford/fit into the house. Remember when I was talking about those gorgeous dual-color cabinets? Those were my dream cabinets. And they’re going to continue to be a dream because guess what? Our kitchen is TINY (the whole house is. hence the name of this blog.) and between the appliances and the weird setup we had to smoosh together so that I could fit a table in there, it just don’t work. Sometimes it’s worse to put in what you want if it looks forced and bizarre. And so in the name of design, I let thee go.

What we did settle on, which will actually be a lot less work anyway, is an all-white kitchen. Cabinets-wise anyway. We also decided on in-stock cabinetry (which, um, did you know that even existed? Because I certainly didn’t!) because our kitchen really is too custom for custom cabinets. If that makes any sense. Luckily my genius engineer husband was able to whip up some plans that satisfied all my wants and needs (except for dual colored cabinets…weep.)

On the bright side, with a lot of talking-into and finessing from my very helpful parents, it looks like we’re on the way to getting some granite countertops afterall (hooray!). We were looking at a lot of different options, from butcher block to formica, and granite was waaaaaay out of our price range. But, the beautiful thing about local businesses is that they can sometimes swing deals that you can’t get in big-box stores, and with the miniscule amount we needed we were able to get a good deal. Not backsplash good, but good enough we’re willing to save on the cabinets to splurge on the countertops.

Which brings me all the way around to the title of this post. Pulls and knobs! Such exhilarating stuff you guys! (I kid.)

I just needed to get down some of the stuff we’ve seen, because we’ve seen a LOT of different options. And to be honest, as much as my super modern loving husband wanted very sleek linear handles, I think I’m leaning more towards these:

With knobs like these:

Xris isn’t crazy about the egg-knobs because he thinks they look kind of funny and awkward. But then I reminded him that I consider us to both be funny and awkward so really, they would just fit right in.

He was somewhat amused.

Anyway, I like the industrial look of the pulls and knobs, but they also aren’t completely stark and hyper-modern, which I thinks strikes the balance of the kind of style we like. Homey, but not tooooooo homey. Plus the darker nickel color will probably really fit in with the faucet and the bronzed blacksplash. I like mixing metals. It gets me all excited.

Enough of this post!


WISHLIST- Tranquil Bathroom

Tranquil Bath

Since we’ve only got 1 bathroom (all those dreams of a master bath, CRUSHED!) the idea is to make it as tranquil and relaxing as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have the stunning claw-foot tub, but we are lucky enough to have a tub & shower combo, which means lots of bubble baths following renovation projects!

This wishlist isn’t as extravagant as the master bedroom, and to be honest most of this stuff I’ve already got my eye on and have picked out in-store. The glass Limmaren set from Ikea there, for example, we’ve already owned for well on four years, which makes me feel confident that at least the stuff we will spend money on I’ll like for a while!

The “carrera” marble there is actually a replica porcelain tile. It’s not as beautiful as the original in person, but it still adds visual interest and sometimes you just got to get real and realize that we’ll never get that money back based on the size of the home/location we’re at and one of my design philosophies is “appropriateness” so…well…this is my compromise. I’ve been a brat about it, trust me.

As much as I love Anthropol0gie, we just wicked can’t afford it, but this is a wishlist after all so there you go. Honestly I’ll be hitting up Target and Homegoods for most of our shower curtain/bathroom accessory needs.

That’s how we roll.

WISHLIST- Master Bedroom

art deco master bedroom

As we get into the happy stages of planning and dreaming, we’re trying to keep in mind some pretty hard realities of designing our space.

1.) We have to get rid of about 40% of our existing furniture.

2.) While we’re getting an extra room, we’re losing about half as much square footage in our current rooms. Ouch.

When it comes to the master bedroom, I am more than ready to upgrade our existing hand-me-down furniture to something more sleek and modern. But making that change requires losing an entire dresser and bureau of clothing storage. The idea is to make our current space so luxurious and glamorous that we don’t realize that there’s only a few pieces of furniture in there. Que our “wishlist”.

If you’ve been on my Pinterest boards lately I’ve kind of been having this obsession with black walls. They just seem really sexy and sophisticated and well…dangerous. Our current bedroom, although quite large, is really more of a function room in terms of style. It’s got a lot of shelving, a lot of furniture, a lot of storage, and that’s pretty much it. I’d like our new bedroom to be a retreat from everyday and incorporate some of the elements you experience in high-end boutique hotels (Did you see those brass swing-arm sconces?? GORGEOUS.)

While the Ikea furniture on this board are probably right on, everything else you see is more of a “inspiration” point than anything else. There’s no way we’re spending over $200 for EACH of those sconces, for example. We’re just thinking this is a launching point and captures the “feel” of what we’ll end up getting, whether it be from a clearance rack or an estate sale.

That chandelier doesn’t even have a price online. Can you imagine? My heart is racing from all its brassy sexiness.