Pulls, Knobs, and Ultimately Being Flexible

That title kind of sounds dirty. But anyway.

It is absolute MAAAAADNESSS over here. I feel like a refugee. Pretty much every aspect of our life is bananas crazy. But as much as I can’t keep a handle on everything that is going on, what is going on is ultimately really good and exciting so we’re just trying to step back and absorb it all. It’s seriously under a week until we can call ourselves homeowners and just totally jump into the renovation process. Eeeks!

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what needs to get done, so while we’re waiting (and packing, and doing extra work, and getting through classes, and organizing all the paperwork for the move, and still trying to cram food and sleep in there) we’re trying to organize our thoughts and plans so that once we get in, we can go straight to work. This has taught me a couple things. 1.) Everything costs a million dollars and 2.) more likely than not, what I want, I will not get. (Unless it’s this backsplash. That deal is still carrying me through the hope that I will have a pretty kitchen.)

I’ve learned to really understand the word compromise. Compromise not only between what I want and what Xris wants (which isn’t even the problem, we’re both pretty much on the same page), but more about what I want and what we can afford/fit into the house. Remember when I was talking about those gorgeous dual-color cabinets? Those were my dream cabinets. And they’re going to continue to be a dream because guess what? Our kitchen is TINY (the whole house is. hence the name of this blog.) and between the appliances and the weird setup we had to smoosh together so that I could fit a table in there, it just don’t work. Sometimes it’s worse to put in what you want if it looks forced and bizarre. And so in the name of design, I let thee go.

What we did settle on, which will actually be a lot less work anyway, is an all-white kitchen. Cabinets-wise anyway. We also decided on in-stock cabinetry (which, um, did you know that even existed? Because I certainly didn’t!) because our kitchen really is too custom for custom cabinets. If that makes any sense. Luckily my genius engineer husband was able to whip up some plans that satisfied all my wants and needs (except for dual colored cabinets…weep.)

On the bright side, with a lot of talking-into and finessing from my very helpful parents, it looks like we’re on the way to getting some granite countertops afterall (hooray!). We were looking at a lot of different options, from butcher block to formica, and granite was waaaaaay out of our price range. But, the beautiful thing about local businesses is that they can sometimes swing deals that you can’t get in big-box stores, and with the miniscule amount we needed we were able to get a good deal. Not backsplash good, but good enough we’re willing to save on the cabinets to splurge on the countertops.

Which brings me all the way around to the title of this post. Pulls and knobs! Such exhilarating stuff you guys! (I kid.)

I just needed to get down some of the stuff we’ve seen, because we’ve seen a LOT of different options. And to be honest, as much as my super modern loving husband wanted very sleek linear handles, I think I’m leaning more towards these:

With knobs like these:

Xris isn’t crazy about the egg-knobs because he thinks they look kind of funny and awkward. But then I reminded him that I consider us to both be funny and awkward so really, they would just fit right in.

He was somewhat amused.

Anyway, I like the industrial look of the pulls and knobs, but they also aren’t completely stark and hyper-modern, which I thinks strikes the balance of the kind of style we like. Homey, but not tooooooo homey. Plus the darker nickel color will probably really fit in with the faucet and the bronzed blacksplash. I like mixing metals. It gets me all excited.

Enough of this post!