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White Faux Taxidermy, The Templeton, http://www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com

White Faux Taxidermy, The Templeton, http://www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com

When I was in middle school, my class took a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston, Mass., and in the stairwell of that museum were moose, deer, and antelope heads mounted on the walls. I was so freaked out I had to hold a friend’s hand and go up the stairs with my head down.

I’m not a fan of taxidermy. I don’t know what it is. I think it could be the dead, glassy eyes, or maybe because I’m not very involved in nature and I’ve never seen animals real close up and the scale of them (I know, ridiculous) scares me. Either way, the idea of a real animal head on my wall freaks me out.

Yet somehow, in a twist of fate only the universe could supply, I’m really into these sculpted, solid color replicas of animal heads. There’s just something about them that I’m kind of obsessing over. I think it’s knowing that it’s just pretend and that I can enjoy the company of the animal without the guilt of knowing it died to be a trophy on my wall. Or that the scale isn’t the same. Or the organic, sinuous lines of the form. Whatever.

I find these busts really beautiful and interesting and I really want one to add to the gallery wall I’m trying to build in my living room. The one above is from White Faux Taxidermy, and I’m considering it, but really if I found something ceramic and cheesy at a yard sale I may just hit it with paint and call it a day.


What do you think? Chris likes the classic cow skull, which I’m not opposed to either (somehow, although it’s still dead, I’m not as freaked out by just the skeleton, plus, it’s in 221B from Sherlock (above) so points there, obviously.) but something about the painted sculpture feels a bit more feminine and modern to me. Faux, skull, or none at all? Guess we’re going to have to whip out a 3-sided die.